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Features of Our Jail Management Software

Justice Solutions (JS) originated from the conviction that law enforcement agencies of all sizes should have access to world-class jail management software. Our features and tools are designed to be easy to learn, and we take pride in our responsive customer support team. With the following features, your facility can be seamlessly secure and efficient:


Inmate Management

The foremost feature of our software is inmate management. Your agency needs to be able to run smoothly when it comes to booking, intake, release, and transfer processes. JS jail management software makes it easy to oversee each of these processes. It allows you to build profiles on each inmate, including inmate classification, housing assignments, and inmate property management. It also extends to a variety of reporting options, such as inmate roster reports, housing unit reports, and incident reports.


Visitor Management

As family members and friends come and go, you'll need to be able to maintain security by tracking all visits. Our software offer tools that make it easy to manage visitation scheduling, visitor approvals, and record-keeping. The jail can control who visits inmates, when they visit, and how long they are allowed to stay. This helps to prevent unauthorized visitors. It also reduces the risk of contraband being brought into the facility and helps maintain a secure environment for both staff and inmates.


Medical Management

Jails are required to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, such as providing inmates with access to medical and mental health care. JS has a module to manage inmate medical and mental health records. You can track medication administration and manage appointments as needed. This also makes transfers easy, as you can use inmate profiles to verify continuity of care.


Commissary Management

Inmates often look forward to receiving items from the commissary. Having a commissary management feature can help to increase inmate satisfaction and morale. Our commissary management feature includes inmate commissary accounts, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Jail management can also check that inmates are not receiving unauthorized items and that commissary funds are being properly managed and accounted for.


Security and Access Control

JS provides tools to monitor inmate activity, control access to restricted areas, and manage employee access permissions. This is a dynamic way to monitor and avert potential security risks. Our access control system can help prevent unauthorized access, reduce the risk of escape, and track the movement of people within the facility. The safety of your staff comes first, which is why we've made this a fundamental feature of our software.


Choose JS for Your Jail Management Software

All of our software features aim to increase operational efficiency and improve security. They provide you with data insights, enabling you to make informed decisions for managing correctional facilities. Our clients only pay for the software packages and features that they choose.

Justice Solutions wants cutting-edge software to be accessible and adaptable to any agency that could benefit from improved jail management systems. If you have any questions, contact our highly rated customer support team. We will be happy to assist you.

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