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Historically (and still today), government agency data processing companies would approach Counties or Municipalities, offer a wide-range of software services, and would inevitably fall short in one aspect or another. The reason for this short-fall is simple: no one can truly excel or exceed expectations for every department in every aspect of the their data-processing needs. It is in this understanding that JS formed a unique business strategy.

From the beginning, JS set out to develop and deploy, not only advanced software offerings, but incredibly user-friendly applications for only once aspect of County and City government: The Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department. With this very narrow focus, JS could ensure that their clients would be completely dedicated to their needs. Our plan was to provide our clients with a technical and support staff, solely dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting our software.

Since the inception of this idea, we have found the results to be truly stunning. Our emphasized focus yielded stable installations, efficient software applications, and exceedingly satisfied customers. Furthermore, we found, the more we grew, the more our software and client satisfactions scores improved.

Another practice found within the government data processing business that JS aimed to break away from was the required up-front fees charged to Counties and Municipalities BEFORE software is ever installed. With this practice, a software vendor would require their clients to fork over enormous sums of money, with only the promise of their satisfaction. Furthermore, these vendors would then charge a yearly or monthly maintenance fee on top of that, as well as other support or technical assistance fees. The end result would almost always be the same: That County or Municipality would not be happy with the software, they are out of money because they emptied the general fund to pay the up-front fee, and no one would openly admit to making a mistake and they would be stuck with that vendor for years to come.

With this practice in mind, JS aimed to change the way our clients paid for their software and services: Our clients would only pay for the software they actually use and would only pay for it when they begin using it. We would not request or accept up-front fees, and we would never charge our clients for support.

With this simple pricing structure deployed, we found that our clients could more easily determine what their data-processing costs would be and could always depend on us to support the software without the fear of having an invoice show up on their desk.

Currently, JS supports a wide-array of law enforcement agencies in Counties and Municipalities. We have found that a continued focus on customer satisfaction, their operating budgets, and cutting-edge software is the only way to guarantee our continued success.

With this in mind, JS intends to continue to push the envelope when it comes to developing the most technically advanced software, while keeping in mind the end-user community we serve. While our growth as a company continues, JS has also made the very conscious decision to never allow ourselves to grow to fast. With each installation, we understand and allow that we will have to continue to support our clients for as long as they are a client. We know we got to where we are because of our clients, and our standard of service will never decline.