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Justice Solutions' only focus is providing cutting-edge software offerings while ensuring our clients only pay for what they use. We don’t charge up-front fees and will never nickel and dime our clients after the contract is signed. Our Blog is full of company updates, articles, and writings on what we do and who we serve.

Features of Our Jail Management Software

Justice Solutions (JS) originated from the conviction that law enforcement agencies of all sizes should have access to world-class jail management software. Our features and tools are designed to be easy to learn, and we take pride in our responsive customer support team. With the following features, your facility can be seamlessly secure and efficient:


Inmate Management

The foremost feature of our software is inmate management. Your agency needs to be able to run smoothly when it comes to booking, intake, release, and transfer processes. JS jail management software makes it easy to oversee each of these processes. It allows you to build profiles on each inmate, including inmate classification, housing assignments, and inmate property management. It also extends to a variety of reporting options, such as inmate roster reports, housing unit reports, and incident reports.


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How Can I Integrate Jail Booking Software Into Existing Systems?


Are you looking to integrate reliable jail booking software into your existing jail management system? Justice Solutions is designed specifically for you. JS software effectively reduces booking times and is available anywhere, anytime. 

Our software simplifies data organization, reduces inaccuracies and inconsistencies, and aids inmate tracking. Integrating JS into your existing jail management system is effortless. Here's how:

1.    Choose Credible Software

Integrating jail management and booking software starts with choosing a credible solution that meets specific needs. Justice Solutions emphasizes tracking and reporting and has several jail management features, including seamless interfacing and third-party integrations. You can compare your needs with the features and services offered by the jail management software. Working with our tested and proven solutions will result in seamless integrations.

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