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The Computer-Aided Dispatch system is designed to meet the demands of the fast-paced, high-capacity emergency 911 dispatch environment. The system is completely code-driven and is customizable by the dispatch centers using it.

Focused on speed and accuracy, Justice Solutions’ Computer-Aided Dispatch system tracks and retrieves all the important statistics associated with dispatching emergency calls. Its many features include:
  • integrated digital mapping by address or X, Y coordinates
  • dispatching based on address
  • definable function keys to streamline the dispatch process
  • multi-zone, multi-format dispatching color schemes for unit status
  • statistical reporting for all dispatch times
  • logging by call, dispatcher, and unit
  • user-friendly Microsoft® browser interface
  • automatic 911 caller information capture
  • open-source solution for integration with existing networks
  • integrated public safety records to enhance call details
  • compact, integrated call-card entry for fast processing
  • single- or double-monitor setup
  • pop-up windows for multiple call-card processing
  • allowance for multiple 911 calls to be associated with a single card
  • ability to monitor unit status from any computer on the network