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How Can I Integrate Jail Booking Software Into Existing Systems?


Are you looking to integrate reliable jail booking software into your existing jail management system? Justice Solutions is designed specifically for you. JS software effectively reduces booking times and is available anywhere, anytime. 

Our software simplifies data organization, reduces inaccuracies and inconsistencies, and aids inmate tracking. Integrating JS into your existing jail management system is effortless. Here's how:

1.    Choose Credible Software

Integrating jail management and booking software starts with choosing a credible solution that meets specific needs. Justice Solutions emphasizes tracking and reporting and has several jail management features, including seamless interfacing and third-party integrations. You can compare your needs with the features and services offered by the jail management software. Working with our tested and proven solutions will result in seamless integrations.

2.    Let the Pros Handle It

At Justice Solutions, we do the hard work for you and provide round-the-clock support. Our team will examine your system, set up the CAD, fine-tune the integration, and test performance. We work with your team to make sure everyone is up to speed. Our team of experts knows exactly what to do in difficult situations, whether or not you have another provider. We will explain how the software works and optimize the integration to start working immediately.

3.    Customize For Your Needs

The JS software is designed by law enforcement professionals and has many features and benefits for your precinct. You can track incidents, criminal history, warrants, bookings, and maintenance. You’ll produce detailed reports and manage different records. Other features include automated incident submission and seamless integrations. Our team will help you customize the features and integration to align with your station’s core activities.

4.    Track & Monitor Performance

Integrating jail booking and management software like Justice Solutions isn’t a one-time affair. Our team will set up the CAD and get your system ready within a few hours. We’ll then offer support for the next few days to make sure the system works as intended. If everything is okay, we’ll continue to monitor your system and offer 24/7 support. Tracking and monitoring performance verifies that the integration delivers intended results.

5.    Automatic Updates/Upgrades

Our JS booking software is a comprehensive solution for modern law enforcement and covers all the key areas. We are continuously improving the software and adding more functionality to increase its benefits. JS provides automatic updates, bug fixing, and upgrades to keep your system working efficiently. Updates are part of the integration, and JS will communicate with your team to explain all new features and functions.

6.    Leverage Technical Support

Software solutions are useless without technical support, and JS is dedicated to providing exceptional and reliable customer service. You may face a few issues when you add jail management and booking software to your system. At Justice Solutions, we offer 24/7 technical support via email, phone, and ticketing support system. You can reach us anytime for inquiries and troubleshooting assistance. 

The Best Jail Booking Software

The best jail booking software should be effortless to integrate, and that's what you'll get with Justice Solutions. Experienced law enforcement professionals designed our software to eliminate the hassle of operating and maintaining the system. The solution meets UCR (Uniform Crime Report), NIBRS (National Incident-Based Report System), and TIBRS (Texas Incident-Based Reporting System).

Our team will help you complete successful integration.

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