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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Chris Roberson has been at our office during the installation of Justice Solutions. We have never has a more professional person than Chris as a trainer. Chris is patient and a joy to work with.

If there was a problem, he would immediately get it fixed.

We look forward to working with Chris in the future. Chris has a wonderful personality and has made the training fun.
Posted By: Tammi Willams & Cat Bell
Cross County Sheriff's Office
The Cross County Sheriff's Department has recently entered into a contract with Justice Solutions for the installation and support of jail management and computer aided dispatch software. The on-site training for these programs began on Monday, October 24, 2016, and the conversion and installation began on Monday, October 31, 2016.

The on-site representative for Justice Solutions was Chris Roberson, and the purpose of this letter is to inform you of our appreciation for the effort and support we receive from Mr. Roberson during the training and installation. Mr. Roberson is very knowledgeable and thorough, as well as having a personable and pleasant business demeanor. He spent many long training days working with our personnel to ensure they were comfortable with the operation of the new program and software.

I have heard many compliments and positive statements from our personnel regarding both Mr. Roberson and the program. The Justice Solutions programs being introduced to our department are a vast improvement over our previous program, and our employees appear eager to begin using them.

Thanks to the efforts of your company representative, Mr. Roberson, this has been a very beneficial, pleasant, and informative transition period for our department.

On behalf of the Cross County Sheriff's Department employees, I would like to again express our appreciation for the efforts of Mr. Roberson, and the other Justice Solutions personnel who were involved in the project.
Posted By: G.L. Stacy
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Sheriff J.R. Smith recently Purchased your Companies software, Justice Solutions. Last week we had training on all the various areas that we use. As you well know people are not receptive to change and reluctant to learn a new system.

However all of the Jail employees under my supervision came to training and really enjoyed it. Chris made it interesting and exciting. Chris is a fine trainer and is extremely knowledgeable of your product. I have been going to classes for the better part of fifty years not including grade and high school. Chris is by far the best instructor I have ever had.

The second week was hands on the software. I have had nothing but great comments from all my 20 employees, that in itself in shocking. As of today everyone is happy to have your software and it is really easy to use.

In closing I want to tell you that if ALL your employees are as energetic and knowledgeable of your Company as Chris YOU cannot fail.
Posted By: Michael Bachand
Cross County Jail Administrator
It is hard to start a letter of gratitude and appreciation for Justice Solutions. You always try to make it short and to the point when you acknowledge a company. I don’t know if that is possible not to write a book on how we feel about JS. When I first became Sheriff we were using a software package that had been created by a felon. When program started to have problems this felon wanted thousands and thousands of dollars to come in and fix but would not offer a service contract because he no longer did that type of work. This is when I had my assistant to start looking for a solution. I asked her to join me for the Sheriff’s Convention and that is where she ran into sales Rep. Daniel Boswell with Justice Solutions Badge to Gavel. This is when we started a working relationship. Daniel came in with Jason and demonstrated his product which was very hard to do in our environment because we continuously were interrupted but I was sold immediately. However I keep JS at arm’s length to see other software packages. It did not take long for us to realize the expense that would be involved. Daniel and his team with JS went to work making his program as affordable as possible since we are a very economical depressed county. It took two years for us to sale the County Government for need of this service and come to an agreement with cost. Since the time of installation and training we have not been happier. These guys don’t mind if we call at 3:00 AM or 3:00 PM they always take care of our problems even when the problem is not JS and just happens to be that they were knocked of the Internet. If that is not the number one reason to use a company then I don’t know what is. They go the extra mile if there is something we want the system to do that it doesn’t and we have it usually in a matter of hours. Sometimes it does take longer just depending on what we want or need.

With all of this being said I think any Law Enforcement would be satisfied, happy, and very thankful with Justice Solutions and their program. In this County we have a very high turnover due to the wages we pay and it does not bother them to come in and train as often as we need them. They also offer a backup program for your data which is required by the legislative Audit Committee.

If you have any further questions about this company please do not hesitate to call me or the assistant and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.
Posted By: Scott Montgomery
Sheriff, Perry County, Arkansas
Justice Solutions has great software. But there are a handful of vendors out there that have great software, as well. According to the people I have talked to that don't have JS, they are simply unmatched in their extraordinary level of service.

When I talk to my colleagues at conferences and TCLEOSE committee meetings there is one thing consistent among all of them that don't have JS—personal service and the willingness to go the extra mile.

Justice Solutions will listen to our needs, develop a plan, communicate that plan to us, execute that plan, and will literally not leave our office until the job is done—and we've been clients for over 20 years and they continue to provide us with that type of service.

It's not that this type of service and support is unheard of—it's just unheard of if you don't have Justice Solutions.
Posted By: Donny Johns
Captain, Detention Bureau Commander, Wichita County, Texas

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