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Why Justice Solutions for Jail Booking Software


Booking inmates can take a lot of time, affecting safety and throughput. Digitizing paperwork using jail booking software helps to eliminate the cumbersome process of managing a jail. We deliver a software system that's easy to use and high in quality for law enforcement agencies to stay organized. Here is why you should choose Justice Solutions for jail booking software:

Improve Reporting

Companies should program a jail booking solution to collect the information required at the right time. Law enforcement professionals should be able to use the software to move inmates simultaneously through the booking process.

Great software will generate reports to help you avoid the time-consuming process of writing reports manually. Be sure to input correct information at every step to receive an accurate report.

Reports are part of jail management, as they show the information you want to communicate. Software with a built-in report generator will help you generate data that needs little manipulation.

Our software solution is designed for law enforcement agencies of all needs and sizes. If there are any features you need, we will implement those requests through an update or a release free of charge. We provide 24/7 customer support where we help solve our clients' problems.

Help Streamline Your Operations

Booking an inmate involves paperwork that can take time. Jail management software speeds up this process because typing is faster than writing. You'll also be able to fix any mistakes more easily.

Software with a user-friendly interface is easy to understand, requiring less time for jail managers and officers to learn.

Our fully-integrated software allows you to interface efficiently and seamlessly with other data tracking systems. You can use it to track jail maintenance, criminal histories, incidents, jail bookings, warrants, and more. Use our software to include photos on reports, warrants, and probation documents using our imaging system and system-wide mug shot.

Improve Accountability

Digital databases store information and share it with other departments more efficiently. Jail booking solutions that connect multiple offices or departments are indispensable when booking inmates. Officers across jurisdictions and precincts can easily communicate about cases, increasing the likelihood of solving them.

Officers who work together can benefit from our jail booking software, as they will be able to communicate better. Once you book a report, other departments can see it in the database. Patrol officers or detectives searching for suspects will get notified through the database that their individual has been booked.

Transferring inmates between prisons and jails is easier using our software. All the details are sent instantly before their arrival so that the new location is prepared to receive the inmate.

Contact Justice Solutions for Jail Booking Software

Justice Solutions offers a jail booking software solution for law enforcement professionals. The goal is to help them avoid the hassle of operating and maintaining an efficient system.

With our software, you get an accurate and complete criminal history check. Integrate our Biometric Fingerprint Identification System (BFIS) into evidence time-clock tracking, evidence, and personnel. Our software is easy to use and can be customized for your office.

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